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  • February 26, 2018 / New direction! //

    The courses are at the moment not available due to restructuring of The Laparoscopic Training Center Zurich. We are working on a new concept to ease the learning curve not only for manual skills, but for procedural know how too.

  • October 2017 / Jerôme Gapany completes TtT course //

    Our course instructor Jerôme Gapany just successfully passed the Train-the-Trainer course. We congratulate him on this success and are happy to have such a competent instructor in our team!

  • November 2017 / Surgical Mission Saarland e.V. //

    A lapcenter course participant does voluntary work on the philippines operating the poorest oft he poor. Donate today for this great mission!

  • Testimonials from successful courses //

    "The simulator has been totally busy every day for more than 10 hours per day, also on the weekends" (Dr. med. Toomas Ümarik, Tallinn, Estonia)

  • 2017 / "Flying Simulator" //

    Get a simulator for your hospital! For the duration of 3 months, participants can successfully complete a lapcenter basic course on-site, right at your clinic.

  • 2017 / Locations of simulators with lapcenter curriculum //

    You can take simulator courses based on the officially recognized lapcenter curriculum here: lapcenter Zurich, Cantonal Hospitals Lucerne and Zug, University Hospitals Zurich and Basle, CHUV Lausanne. Same as last year, participants receive a certificate over 35 CME (continuous medical education) credits from the Swiss Surgical Society at the end of each course.

  • 2017 / New courses - Register now! //

    Right now the next set of courses starts at the lapcenter. Join today!


This is what participants and organizers say about lapcenter courses:

Prof. Dr. med. Lars Nannestad Jorgensen, Kopenhagen, Denmark

"I am very impressed by the thorough handling, processing and analysis of the huge amount of data derived from simulator training. It is absolutely interesting to observe how all participants get better in all aspects after only some hours of intensive training. After carefully studying the data and curves, it seems to be indisputable that such a simulator training program shortens the time a young surgeon needs to become a competent surgeon by far. For the future, we for sure need more of that kind of training."

Dr. med. Ralph Stärkle, the overseeing leading surgeon in Chur, Switzerland

"We can clearly call the simulator training a huge success. The participants were motivated and carefully completed the given program on the simulator. The simulator has been in use almost any time, day and night. Since then, I have conducted several laparoscopic surgeries with course participants, and both them and myself noticed a huge progress in their laparoscopic skills. The vast experience of Dr. Martina Vitz in the area of simulation has been extremely helpful. In total, the course has been very valuable and has been highly appreciated by all participants. Some of the residents of our institution who could not take part have been very disappointed. I would absolutely support a second round of this course again in the future."

Dr. med. Toomas Ümarik, the overseeing leading surgeon in Tallinn, Estonia

"The simulator project has been a great success, and our young surgeons in training have trained enthusiastically. The experienced surgeons who wanted to try out the system, did not stand a chance to get a hold of the simulator, because it has been totally busy every day, also on the weekends, for more than 10 hours per day. We would really love to have such a simulator training for our residents every year."

Dr. med. Sangeeta Mahajan and Dr. med. Vinayak Mahajan, Mumbai

"Excellent modules. Short course of 7 days ideal for candidates coming from other continents."