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  • February 26, 2018 / New direction! //

    The courses are at the moment not available due to restructuring of The Laparoscopic Training Center Zurich. We are working on a new concept to ease the learning curve not only for manual skills, but for procedural know how too.

  • October 2017 / Jerôme Gapany completes TtT course //

    Our course instructor Jerôme Gapany just successfully passed the Train-the-Trainer course. We congratulate him on this success and are happy to have such a competent instructor in our team!

  • November 2017 / Surgical Mission Saarland e.V. //

    A lapcenter course participant does voluntary work on the philippines operating the poorest oft he poor. Donate today for this great mission!

  • Testimonials from successful courses //

    "The simulator has been totally busy every day for more than 10 hours per day, also on the weekends" (Dr. med. Toomas Ümarik, Tallinn, Estonia)

  • 2017 / "Flying Simulator" //

    Get a simulator for your hospital! For the duration of 3 months, participants can successfully complete a lapcenter basic course on-site, right at your clinic.

  • 2017 / Locations of simulators with lapcenter curriculum //

    You can take simulator courses based on the officially recognized lapcenter curriculum here: lapcenter Zurich, Cantonal Hospitals Lucerne and Zug, University Hospitals Zurich and Basle, CHUV Lausanne. Same as last year, participants receive a certificate over 35 CME (continuous medical education) credits from the Swiss Surgical Society at the end of each course.

  • 2017 / New courses - Register now! //

    Right now the next set of courses starts at the lapcenter. Join today!


The experienced team of the laparoscopic training center in Zurich

Dr. med. Jan F. Kukleta, FMH Chirurgie, Zürich

Dr. med. Jan F. Kukleta finished medical school with a Ph.D. in 1975. Under Prof. Dr. med A. Akovibiantz he was an awarded his FMH degree in 1983. 

He opened a private praxis a the Grossmünsterplatz in Zürich in 1984 and practices since then with a focus on visceral and minimal invasive surgery. He operates in a number of hospitals in Zürich, among them hospitals for the Hirslanden group and he is also a member of the doctoral board at the Klinik im Park.

Dr. Kukleta is very active in the education and training for surgeons. Since 1993 he taught a number of courses in laparoscopy as well as visceral and hernia surgery at the Ethicon European Surgical Institute in Hamburg, Germany and the Covidien training center in Elancourt, France. 

As an early adopter of a range of technologies in the operating room, for a long time he had the idea to use recent advances in technology to improve the education of laparascopic surgery. He was able to convince the Frieda Locher Hofmann Foundation to start the laparoscopic training center and in this way laid the foundation for this successful institution.

Jan Kukleta is also member in a number of surgical organizations, founding member and president of the Schweizer Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Hernienchirurgie (Swiss workgroup for hernia surgery), as well as a member of the World Innovation Council of the European Surgical Panel. 

Jerôme Gapany

Since 2005, Jérôme Gapany has been working for the Skill Center at the university hospital Zurich. He instructed and supported young Residents there during their training on the simulator. In this function, he worked together with Dr. sc. techn. Martina Vitz and the laparoscopic training center in order to take advantage of synergies. 

Since the beginning of 2012, Jérôme Gapany takes care of the data management at the lapcenter and takes over holiday replacements and conducts courses when Martina Vitz is not there. And since he successfully passed the train-the-trainer course in 2017, Jérome also conducts courses at the lapcenter regularly.

Asta Breitenmoser

Asta Breitenmoser is a passionate writer and strong communicator in every aspect, both on- and offline. She completed her studies in Germany, the USA and Switzerland with a Master’s degree in Writing and Corporate Publishing best in class. 

After several years in a PR agency and in MarCom departments of Ernst & Young and Swiss Life, in 2010 the enthusiasm for surgical simulation got a strong hold of her. As Director Marketing & Communications with one of the worldwide leading producers of virtual reality surgical simulators, Asta travelled to international medical conferences and gave courses on the simulators. 

For the duration of 6 years, she helped building up the company and took care of making surgical simulation better known and better accepted. 

Her main areas of expertise include website concepts, texts and SEO, building up social media channels and attending to them, writing professional articles, media releases and texts of all sorts, as well as concept development and strategies in the field of marketing and communications. 

Asta mainly supports the lapcenter in Marketing and takes care of the print and online communication.